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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2020 Summer School Course "How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis Using Open-Science Software", 18 July to 1 August 2020

February 9, 2020


With the increasing use of alternative software packages like R in data analysis, now is the time to learn their ins and outs. The large number of active programmers creating R packages makes this an up-to-date programme providing a huge range of statistical analyses. Researchers also use R to write functions for analysing data, or to create professional plots.

During the month of July we offer 2-week courses. Most courses are multi-disciplinary and are taught at various levels, from Bachelor to Master. The programme is suitable for graduate and undergraduate students as well as for PhD staff and professionals. The following entry requirements are set:

  • Bachelor: at least enrolled in 1st year of Bachelor studies 

  • Advanced Bachelor: at least enrolled in 2nd year of Bachelor studies 

  • Master: at least enrolled in final year of Bachelor studies - professionals need to have a Bachelor diploma

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